A centralized program promotion platform designed to be a “one stop shop” where any applicant to a Canadian Residency Program can access information on any Canadian Residency Program. The system will allow programs to create a brief, multi-media profile which applicants can view and subsequently use to decide if they wish to pursue further information via links to websites.

Why was CANPREPP created?

As there will not be in-person activities for the class of 2021, it is essential for applicants to have the opportunity to find out more about the different residency programs across Canada.

Residency programs also have a need to promote themselves in order to highlight the strengths of their programs and communities as they look to select residents who will be the best fit.

What can I expect from CANPREPP?

As an early version, the tool will provide learners with the opportunity to access the national calendar of events and browse program pages. Future versions of the tool will feature increased capabilities and functionality. The vision is for this tool to be an interactive experience; while streamlining the process for resident matching (R1) both for programs and learners alike.

Who funded CANPREPP?

CANPREPP is funded by the CMA Foundation.

How do I provide feedback on CANPREPP?

In partnership with key stakeholders, the AFMC welcomes your input. Please visit the Contact & Feedback page to submit your comments.

Why do some programs have brief descriptions?

Program descriptions are updated on an ongoing basis as AFMC receives the content from the Programs.

Why are you requesting feedback on CANPREPP?

AFMC is committed to improving CANPREPP and an improved version with substantial interactive upgrades is planned for the Spring of 2021.

How can I promote CANPREPP?

A marketing toolkit is available for download to help with the promotion of CANPREPP.