Dalhousie University - Anesthesiology - Halifax


Program Director

Dr. Robyn Doucet


Education Manager

Jessie Purvis

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As a resident in Dalhousie Anesthesia, Pain Management & Perioperative Medicine you will gain the clinical, academic, research and professional experience you need to become a highly competent, compassionate anesthesiologist and leader in the field. You will be well supported to meet your training goals and well prepared to pass the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons exams.

It is highly competitive to enter our five-year residency program. We receive about 130 applications each year from qualified medical students in Canada. The highest quality applicants are selected via the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS).

Some highlights as identified by our residents:

  • Size of the program — big enough for good experience but small enough that everyone knows you

  • Supportive and organized office of education to support resident experience

  • Staff to learner ratio, lots of one-on-one teaching opportunities

  • Global health program and opportunities

  • Research office support for the resident research program

  • Welcoming and friendly city and program

Logo Design

Dalhousie’s mid-sized program allows for more individualized attention through the residency process, ensuring continued progression of your confidence and knowledge in the areas of specialty skills, judgment, professional responsibility and clinical independence is expected over the five years of anesthesia training.

Upon completion of this training, our residents are able to demonstrate their competency as a specialist anesthesiologist, capable of assuming a consultant’s role in the specialty. By the conclusion of the program, residents will also be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to gender, culture and ethnicity pertinent to anesthesia practice.

In addition, all residents will be able to demonstrate an ability to incorporate gender, cultural and ethnic perspectives in research methodology, data presentation and analysis. In the course of developing these important skills,

Our program strives to ensure its residents reflect the communities they serve, and as such welcome and encourage applications from all qualified individuals of any race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Dalhousie’s program prides itself in ensuring resident wellness and work-life balance remains a priority. We look forward to welcoming you in Canada’s Maritime Capital.


Does everyone get an interview?

We have a Selection Committee made up of members of our Residency Program Committee, faculty, residents, and administration who review and score each application. These reviews serve as the basis for candidates to be offered interviews. Only selected candidates will be offered interviews. Applicants not interviewed will not be ranked.

When will I know if I get an interview?

All selected candidates will be notified by March 3, 2020. Candidates not selected will also be notified via the CaRMS site.

Can I submit additional info?

Required documentation is outlined under the section "Supporting Documentation". All info/documentation must be submitted prior to the CaRMS deadline. Any documentation submitted after this date will not be considered. Any additional documentation submitted will not be reviewed.