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Program Director

Dr. Mark Bona


Program Assistant

Kaitlyn Caird

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We are proud of our small but mighty, tight-knit, collegial Program and all of the perks that come with that. There is one-on-one teaching and supervision on most subspecialty rotations, which results in high surgical/procedural volume. Schedules are designed with flexibility and individual learning plans can be tailored to individual resident interests and needs.

Logo Design

All applications will be reviewed by a minimum of two department members. Applications will be shortlisted to 16-18 individual who will be offered interviews.

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What is Queen's ophthalmology looking for in their candidates?

Our Program is interested in training residents who are keen and able to receive instruction and learn, who have a genuine interest in providing high quality ophthalmic care during residency and in their future careers, who have excellent interpersonal skills such that they can work effectively in our tight-knit environment, and who are mature, introspective and self-reflective such that they are able to integrate and adapt all that they learn during residency in to their pre-existing scaffold. We are interested in residents who will actively contribute to the Program throughout their residency.

Do all of my reference letters need to be from ophthalmologists?

No, they do not, however it is advisable that at least one letter befrom an Ophthalmologist. We would prefer to read letters from physicians from other specialties who know you well and who can attest to your overall abilities and interpersonal skills than from an ophthalmologist who has only spent a small amount of time with you during a short elective.

What does Queen's look for in the personal letter?

We want to get a sense of who you are: what motivates you in general and in ophthalmology, what makes you a good fit for a position in ophthalmology and in particular Queen's ophthalmology, what you hope to achieve in a career in ophthalmology... The personal letter is an opportunity to give us insight in to who you are as a person, as well as information about you that we can't already glean from all of the documentation you have submitted as part of the application package.

Does Queen's require an ophthalmological report?

Yes, we do. We want to ensure a future resident's success with microsurgery. Having excellent stereoacuity is an important asset when trying to perform delicate intraocular 3 dimensional tasks like capsulorhexis and epiretinal membrane peeling.

Should I upload all of my publications as PDFs?

We recommend that you upload up to 3abstracts/publications as PDFs. Uploading what you feel is your best workis advised. Of course you should list all of your research in the appropriate section and in your custom CV, including the citation, so we can access it onlne at our pleasure should we want to read more of your work.