University of Alberta - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Edmonton


Program Director

Dr. Heather Lindstrom


Divisional Administrator

Elisabeth Almeida

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  • We have a tight-knit group of residents who enjoy socializing outside of academic half-days and work hours. There are many resident-led events, including sports teams, ski trips and golf tournaments.

  • We have an award-winning program administrator named Liz, along with exceptional physiatry staff and off-service preceptors, who have developed a great relationship with our program. Everyone involved in the program genuinely cares about learning.

  • We have developed strong relationships with other specialties (neurology, rheumatology, orthopedic surgery, etc.), which enhances our supplementary teaching and clinical rotations.

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  • Edmonton is full of amazing places to eat. Prior to the pandemic, the resident group got together about once per month to explore new restaurants and termed it their monthly “polyphagics” dinner.

  • The city’s river valley is the largest urban park in Canada, with more than 160 kilometres of maintained pathways and 20 major parks, great for walking, running and biking. The Rocky Mountains are about four hours away, offering endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

  • Edmonton is full of friendly people, especially our residents and staff.

  • The city has a vibrant arts and culture scene with more than 70 festivals, many art galleries, year-round live theatre and numerous live music venues.


Where will resident rotations occur?

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, the home base of our training, is the largest free-standing rehabilitation hospital in Canada. We complete many of our core physiatry rotations there, including rehab in spinal cord injury, general neurology, brain injury, stroke, amputee, pediatrics, neuromuscular and spasticity management.

Residents will rotate through other hospital locations in Edmonton during off-service rotations in their junior years and for physiatry consultation services. The main training sites are the University of Alberta and Royal Alexandra hospitals, but residents may also spend time at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital and Misericordia Community Hospital.

What are the physiatry outpatient training sites in Edmonton?

We have four main outpatient clinics where the focus is on general physiatry and musculoskeletal diagnoses. These clinics offer the opportunity to learn about and perform interventional procedures under ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance. Further information about these clinics can be accessed through their websites below:

What distinguishes the U of A program from others?

We offer one of the most comprehensive residency training programs in the country, encompassing all major fields of physiatry, including pediatrics. We are well-known for our musculoskeletal (MSK) specialists as well as academics. We have a national reputation for being one of the best programs in Canada. We also have the advantage of hosting the Physical Medicine and Rehabiliation (PM&R) review course every four years. It is a gathering of all the physiatry residents and many physiatry staff members from across the country.