University of British Columbia - Emergency Medicine - Vancouver


Program Director

Dr. Kevin Clark


Program Manager

Mira Pandya

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The UBC RCPSC-EM Residency Program is one of the largest Emergency Medicine residency programs in Canada.

Flexibility: Our program consists of 4 unique program sites based in different regions throughout the province of British Columbia (Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Interior, and Fraser). As a large provincial program, we have access to a significant amount of resources, faculty, and clinical experiences across British Columbia. Our residents are able to practice Emergency Medicine at many different academic sites across the province. Residents are easily able to arrange rotations at any of our program sites and beyond (including Vancouver General Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Kelowna General Hospital, Royal Jubilee Hospital, BC Women and Children’s Hospital) – each with different practice styles and unique patient populations.

Support & Community: No matter your interests, we are a diverse, flexible, and supportive group that is dedicated to your personal and professional growth. Regardless of age, background or interests, once you match here, you become part of our family.

Logo Design

The Location

It’s no secret that BC is a beautiful province. Whether you are based in Victoria, Kelowna, New Westminster or Vancouver, you’ll be set amongst a stunning scenic backdrop; you will be amazed at the opportunities for you to choose your own adventures during your weekends/weekdays off.

The People

Our resident group is social and they get the most out of what the program offers by being very engaged in their own learning. No matter your interests, we are a diverse, flexible, and supportive group that is dedicated to personal and professional growth.


We ask each candidate applying to the UBC Program to apply to each of the distributed Programs separately. The applications may be very similar, but as each of the four sites will be ranking candidates individually, we ask that each site also receives a complete application, including a personal letter — thank you!


What do our residents like most about the program?

One of the best aspects of the UBC RCPSC-EM Residency Program is the sense of community between residents, staff and admin. Despite having one of the biggest and distributed programs in the country, there is still a strong sense of community. Residents from all sites come together every year for multiple events such as Retreat, conferences, and certain rotations. Whether you like to mountain bike and ski or go for a relaxing spa and massage session on your days off, you will find others who share your interests. No matter where you are from, you will feel at home here at UBC.

How has UBC adapted to the new Competency Based Design (CBD) curriculum?

While the Competency Based Design (CBD) curriculum has its challenges, UBC has risen to the challenge and works hard to make it the best learning experience possible for our residents. Each site has a CBD working group that gathers resident feedback about how to better improve the delivery of CBD for residents. Our residents are grateful that almost every staff member they work with recognizes the importance of giving learners specific and constructive feedback within the CBD framework.. At UBC, each resident will be partnered with a faculty coach. Your coach will work with you on and off shift to help you negotiate CBD and to be the best resident you can be.

What is the program looking for in applicants?

Here at UBC, we welcome a diversity of people from all across the country as we believe that people from different backgrounds bring fresh perspectives and strengthen our program. We are looking for candidates that will become excellent Emergency Physicians and propel our great specialty forward. We do not require candidates to complete a local elective to be considered for the CARMS and interview process. If you are interested in our program, we encourage you to apply no matter where you have completed your electives or schooling. The successful candidate's application demonstrates a well rounded background with an interest and success in emergency medicine and acute care specialty electives. Scholarly work and interests related to emergency medicine is highly valued. Successful applicants often have a history of varied extra-curricular activities which demonstrate the importance of work-life balance in medical education and training.