University of British Columbia - Pediatrics - Vancouver


Program Director

Dr. Janet Greenman


Program Assistant

Alan Heinrich

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The program

  • The UBC pediatric residency program uses the whole province of British Columbia to provide training, and emphasizes the excellent learning experiences in distributed community pediatric rotations. That is balanced with early subspecialty exposure and learning opportunities in all 17 pediatric subspecialties.

  • Our program has two sites. Most of the residents are based in Vancouver. There are also two positions each year based in Victoria for residents who want the experience of training in a smaller centre.

  • The Community Impact stream is an opportunity for one resident each year within the Vancouver site to on the focus on the care of vulnerable and underserved populations with more time in a community setting.

  • BC Children’s Hospital has a wide referral base as the only pediatric hospital serving the patients of BC and the Yukon.

  • There are opportunities to further explore specific interests in a variety of areas including research, global health, simulation, social pediatrics, and leadership.

The people and province

  • The province of British Columbia is a beautiful place to work, live and play! Residents can explore the spectacular natural settings, as well as the culture and food scene of the urban centres.

  • Vancouver is one of North America's most beautiful cities, hosting a natural harbor, mountains, forests, and beaches. The city has a mild maritime climate, yet it is in close proximity to snow-capped mountains and outdoor winter activities while the Pacific Ocean is most suited for sailing, sea- kayaking, swimming, diving and windsurfing. Vancouverites enjoy a vibrant, multicultural city with a plethora of international restaurants. Bicycling is a key year-round form of transport.

  • The pediatric community, including the residents, are collegial, kind, and committed to excellence in education and to the provision of compassionate, high quality care

Logo Design

What are the strengths of your program?

Our residents are very engaged in making the program stronger.

We are the second largest pediatric residency program in Canada, and are able to offer a diversity of training experiences based on a resident’s interests and career goals.

Academic activities, including academic half-days and Grand Rounds are video-conferenced to our distributed sites throughout the province. There are two mandatory resident retreats and a Careers Night annually, attended by residents from both sites. Residents also practice resuscitation scenarios in the high-fidelity simulator program, both on acute care rotations and in their longitudinal simulation curriculum in the academic half-day.

What support is there for research?

The BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute (BCCHRI) located beside BC Children's Hospital, is dedicated to world-class research spanning a wide range of children's and women's health concerns. It is the largest research institute of its kind in Western Canada. Most departmental members are active investigators.

All residents are expected to work on a research project and to present their work at least once, either at the annual research day or at a conference. First year residents take part in a 24-hour research curriculum during the boot camp and academic half-day. The resident Journal Club is scheduled bimonthly and introduces residents to key clinical research methodologies and critical appraisal of the literature.

What are the global health opportunities?

There are many opportunities, within Canada and internationally. The RICHER program of BC Children’s Hospital provides health care in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and residents can be involved in electives and projects beyond their mandatory social pediatrics rotation. There are many opportunities for residents to be involved in short outreach trips to small communities in BC. We have partnerships for three to six month electives in South Africa, Botswana, Laos, and Australia. There are active social pediatric and global health interest groups.

What are you looking for in candidates?

We are looking for residents who are truly interested in and committed to pediatrics, who are a good fit for our program, and who have a sincere interest in serving British Columbians. They should have excellent communication and collaboration skills, enthusiasm to learn and an ability to adapt to the various demands of residency. We value diversity in our program. Our program values a broad range of electives, both within and outside of Pediatrics.