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Dr. Rebecca Sparkes


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Brenda Gallagher

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The Calgary Medical Genetics and Genomics program provides comprehensive training in all areas of Medical Genetics, with an excellent balance between teaching and clinical service. Starting in the third year, our residents typically participate in monthly outreach genetics clinics in smaller cites (Red Deer, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat) which provides exposure to community based genetics practice. There is a monthly resident clinic featuring classic syndromes/genetic conditions selected specifically for this clinic to ensure that residents gain experience working through important diagnoses and clinical approaches. This clinic also allows residents to gain experience in longitudinal patient care and managing an outpatient clinic. Our centre has an active training program in the clinical diagnostic laboratories. The Canadian College of Medical Geneticists (CCMG) laboratory trainees regularly interact with the genetics residents at teaching and seminars, which provides a mutually enriching learning environment. Our residency program organizes one or two clinical genetics symposia per year with invited external speakers who are experts in the field. Time is allocated for residents to interact with the speakers, typically including a dinner. Recent topics have included neurogenetics, genodermatoses, embryology, cardiovascular genetics, skeletal dysplasias, pediatric cancer genetics, newborn screening, neurodevelopmental disorders, inherited ophthalmologic disorders and somatic mosaicism.

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This residency program is for 5 years. Program length of training does not exceed the Royal College or College of Family Physicians of Canada standard. Program Outline The first two years of the program involve training in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Obstetric/Maternal Fetal Medicine, and crisis counseling. The third year is focused on Clinical Metabolics and laboratory experience with rotations in Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, and Biochemical Genetics. Clinical genetics exposure also starts in the third year with outreach clinics (Red Deer) and resident clinics. The core Clinical Genetics training during the fourth and fifth years of training is largely based at the Alberta Children's Hospital (ACH), with consultation services also provided to the four other acute care sites in Calgary. Adult and pediatric in-patients and out-patients with a wide range of conditions are seen, including malformation syndromes and inherited metabolic disorders. The Hereditary Cancer Program provides counselling and testing for adults with personal and/or family histories of cancer. Other specialty clinics include Neurogenetics, Connective Tissue Disorders, Cardiovascular Genetics, and Ophthalmic Genetics. In addition, the Prenatal Genetics Clinic is nearby and closely affiliated with the Maternal Fetal Medicine service. Senior residents also attend outreach clinics in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. PGY-1 General and subspecialty Pediatrics rotations. PGY-2 General and subspecialty Internal Medicine, crisis counseling and Maternal Fetal Medicine rotations. PGY-3 Cytogenetics, Biochemical Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Clinical Metabolics, and Clinical Genetics. PGY-4 Clinical Genetics. PGY-5 Clinical Genetics, research and/or electives. i.e. Provide a general description of the content and structure of your program.