University of Calgary - Public Health and Preventive Medicine including Family Medicine - Calgary


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Dr. Jason Cabaj


Program Coordinator

Marlene Irving

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Public Health and Preventive Medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the health of populations. PHPM specialists assess population health and develop, implement, and evaluate health protection and promotion strategies to prevent disease and injury.

The primary mission of our program is to ensure that by the end of training each resident has the generalist competencies required of all Canadian public health practitioners. Clinical and public health training is integrated to maximize exposure to both specialties. Additionally, the program assists each resident in attaining the specialized competencies specific to their chosen career path. This latter objective is met by offering a flexible and customizable training program. Career paths within the context of University of Calgary PHPM Residency Program are:

  • Executive Manager/Consultant (e.g. Medical Officer of Health, Senior Executive, Consultant)

  • Researcher (e.g. University, Non-Governmental Organization, Public Health Institute/Agency)

  • Public Health Clinician (e.g. Primary Care, Addictions Medicine, Sexual Health, Travel Medicine)

For Family Medicine highlights, please see the University of Calgary Family Medicine CaRMS program description page.

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There are two University of Calgary Public Health and Preventive Medicine (PHPM) CMG positions in this year's CaRMS match, both of which include the opportunity for joint training in Family Medicine.

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Does your Program give preference to graduates of UofC?

No, we do not give preference to students who are graduates of the University of Calgary.

If I apply to both the Calgary PHPM (including FM) program and the Calgary Family Medicine Program do I need to submit personal letters and reference letters to each program?

Yes, each application requires a personal letter and reference letters.

How will I be notified if I am chosen for an interview?

All chosen applicants will be notified by e-mail.

Can I delay my Residency training start date if I am matched to the Program?

No, residency training starts July 1 and all residents are expected to start on this date and attend the orientation events that occur in the week prior to this start date.

Is there a tuition fee for Residency?

Yes, the University of Calgary calculates tuition based on a pro-rated fee for residency which is approximately $500 for each of the Fall and Winter semesters. There is also a PGME $250 administration fee that is due July 1, 2021. For PHPM residents not enrolled in a graduate degree program, tuition fees associated with approved CHS courses are waived.

Is a research project required during Residency?

Yes, all residents complete a research or quality improvement project during both Family Medicine and PHPM training. Support for project development, design, and ethics submission is provided by the programs.

What academic degrees are offered?

The Department of Community Health Sciences offered thesis-based graduate degrees with specialization in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Population/Public Health, Health Services Research, Health Economics, and Medical Education.

How will competency-based practices be applied to residency education?

To contribute to the success of Canadian physicians and the delivery of high-quality patient care, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada has embarked upon an initiative to introduce competency-based medical education (CBME) in Canadian postgraduate specialty training and in professional practice in Canada. This initiative, called Competence by Design (CBD), aims to enhance patient care by aligning medical education and lifelong learning with evolving patient needs and empowering learners to more fully engage in their education process.

The Royal College has grouped disciplines into seven cohort groups, each of which will adopt CBD at different times. PHPM (cohort 6) began RCPSC supported preparation for CBD in 2019. Completion of this process and PHPM CBD launch has been delayed due to COVID-19.