University of Manitoba - Emergency Medicine - Winnipeg


Program Director

Dr. Cheryl ffrench


Program Assistant

Brenda Gerwing

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Strengths of the Program

  1. High patient acuity with large volumes and high rates of pathology.

  2. Full academic day.

  3. "Flipped classroom" model for core academic day topics.

  4. Junior and Senior curriculums in Ultrasound, Simulation, Ethics and Professionalism (E&P), and Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) embedded in the academic day.

  5. Integration of academic day with Pediatric Emergency Medicine program and the CCFP-EM program.

  6. Junior residents attain their Emergency Ultrasound Independent Practitioner status during their PGY-1 year. (Transition to Discipline/Foundations)

  7. Strong Ultrasound program under the direction of Dr. C. Pham.

  8. Strong simulation program under the direction of Dr. C. ffrench.

  9. Annual Resident Retreat.

  10. Cohesive and supportive resident group.

  11. Collegial and engaged teaching faculty.

  12. Resident-faculty Journal Club.

  13. ACLS, ATLS, ACLS Instructor, ATLS Instructor, PALS, AIME Courses - all paid for under the contract.

  14. One week education leave.

  15. $2,000 Cdn/yr provided to each resident for scholarly activity/conferences.

  16. The program has strong ties with the pre-hospital care system, including the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, the Provincial fixed wing transport system, and the rotary transport program STARS.

  17. Two clinical Toxicologists provide a strong Toxicology rotation.

  18. Excellent research program under the direction of Research Director Dr. M. Leeies.

  19. Attending physicians with subspecialty training in Critical Care, EMS, Aeromedicine, Ethics, Palliative Care, Simulation, Ultrasound, Medical Education, Sports Medicine and Toxicology.

  20. Dedicated Medical Education, Pre-hospital/EMS, Trauma and Emergency Department Administration rotations.

  21. Residents participate in the High Performance Physician program including a dedicated exam preparation session in the exam year.

Logo Design

Emergency Medicine at the University of Manitoba is committed to a fair, equitable, and transparent application process. We maintain the right to choose the applicants we feel are the best candidates for our residency training program. However, not all applicants whose files meet our minimum criteria will be offered interviews; only the top candidates will be offered an interview.

While doing electives in Emergency Medicine is desirable, it is not required of an applicant and those who are unable to do so are still considered for an interview.

You are required to fulfill ALL of the most current Provincial Criteria for Canadian Medical Graduates for Manitoba

The criteria can be found here.


What makes your program unique?

  • Incredibly diverse range and volume of pathology, significant exposure and experience in resuscitation from junior years of training.

  • Robust ultrasound curriculum with built in IP core and resuscitation certification, with multiple opportunities to teach.

  • Organized formal mentorship program which promote collegiality between residents and staff.

  • Incredible learning opportunities; staff will often seek you out to show you a new pathology or procedure.

  • Incredibly close resident group.

What is it like to live in Winnipeg?

  • Medium sized city, extremely affordable to live in and commute from, cheap flights to most cities in Canada

  • Diverse + multicultural

  • Great music scene with many festivals and shows happening frequently (including more notably Jazz Fest, Folkfest)

  • Incredible arts scene; Nuit Blanche, Fringe festival.

How cold does Winnipeg *really* get?

Cold. Buy a warm coat! But with the cold also comes a lot of beauty. Sundogs, hoarfrost and bright blue skies are all commonly seen in our cold months. And the northern lights are even more spectacular in the winter.

What do Winnipegers do in the winter?

  • Outdoor skating, Cross Country Ski, Snow shoeing

  • NHL hockey games

  • Indulge in our fantastic restaurant scene (fun restaurant on the ice @TheForks raw:almond)

  • Festival du voyageur

Is Winnipeg safe?

Yes! There are obviously less safe areas to live, but many of our residents live downtown and find it to be a safe and convenient option.