University of Manitoba - Psychiatry - Winnipeg


Program Director

Dr. Michael Harrington


Program Assistant

April Bodnarchuk

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The five-year residency training program in Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba is a well established, thriving and growing program designed to produce psychiatrists with broadly based academic and clinical expertise.

We see our responsibilities as including the following:

  1. To train psychiatrists who are fully qualified to practice within the complex, changing field that is modern psychiatry.

  2. To provide a breadth of exposure and opportunity for in depth training in the many varied aspects of psychiatry appropriate to the candidate's chosen community of practice.

  3. To provide a formal education program which prepares the residents not only for success at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (RCPS) specialty examinations but will also fulfill the many roles of a competent physician including:
    • Medical expert/clinical decision maker

    • Communicator

    • Collaborator

    • Medical manager

    • Health Advocate

    • Scholar

    • Professional

  4. To continue to change and evolve our training program in response to the changing needs of residents, community and the specialty of psychiatry.

The program is designed to meet these objectives through several overlapping approaches including clinical rotations, didactic seminar series, psychotherapy training program, research, community-based experiences and continuing education.

As our program is growing we have maintained all the advantages of a medium- sized program. We have all of the resources of a larger programand the welcoming, friendly and personalatmosphere of a smaller program. Training in our program will leave you ready to comfortably move into your career as a psychiatrist.

Logo Design

This year interviews will be held via videoconferencing. Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted by Ms. April Bodnarchuk (204) 787-3610.

The selection process includes two interviews of approximately 30 minutes each; one conducted by a committee and one by the residency program director.

Resident led information sessions will be arranged in order to provide their perspective on training at the University of Manitoba. A tour of the PsycHealth Centre, a state of the art facility, will be arranged in conjunction with the luncheon.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of a demonstrated interest in, aptitude and motivation for a career in psychiatry. Selection criteria include recent clinical clerkship and elective experiences in psychiatry, prior residency training in psychiatry or clinical work in the mental health field, along with relevant life experiences and test results. References from clinical supervisors that address an applicant's potential for work in psychiatry are very helpful. Demonstrated proficiency with the English language as evidenced through the nature of undergraduate courses completed including university level English courses, publications, the submitted personal letter and/or IELTS scores are also selection criteria. Strong interpersonal and communication skills and a demonstrated interest and curiosity about the human experience are important criteria that are explored in the interview process. Interest and experience in scholarly work and research are viewed as valuable assets.

While elective experience in psychiatry is an asset on-site electives are not required for application to our program. We are looking for candidates that have completed electives in a broad range of topic areas that include our specialty and are enthusiastic about working with residents from a variety of backgrounds.


Where are interviews held?

This year interviews will take place virtually via videoconferencing. The interviewers are located at the PsycHealth Centre which is part of the Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg. Our facility is located on the Bannatyne Campus of the University of Manitoba. The address is 771 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

How can learn more about your program?

We will be holding several ‘Virtual Open Houses’ in December 2020. At these you will have a chance to meet our department leaders, and many of the enthusiastic residents who are excited to tell you about our program. Please see our department website or email April Bodnarchuk ( for the date time and contact information. We are also producing an information video to highlight our resources, which will be posted in the upcoming weeks.