University of Ottawa - Diagnostic Radiology - Ottawa


Program Director

Dr. Raman Verma


Program Administrator

Taylor Widenmaier

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Thank you for your interest in the University of Ottawa's Diagnostic Radiology program. We are proud of our program. We have much to offer and look forward to meeting you! Key points:

  • Staff dedicated to teaching including novel techniques

  • Diverse clinical practice

  • Simulation program!

  • Early exposure to procedural work

  • State of the art equipment

  • Immensely responsive to resident feedback – our key stakeholders!

Check back in the early new year and follow our social media — we will be holding an informal meet and great to answer any questions you may have! This will be announced through a variety of channels, including our Instagram account.

Logo Design

We have state of the art equipment, including:

  • 7 MRI units in our teaching hospitals, including 3T clinical units

  • 8 multi-detector CTs, including advanced techniques (Dual energy, etc)

  • Breast Tomosynthesis, with tomosynthesis-guided stereotactic biopsy

  • Nuclear Medicine departments have up-to-date equipment including PET/CT

  • Main campuses mostly equipped with adjustable work-stations

Program Specifics

  • Broad clinical practice, from general radiography, to subspecialized multi-modality imaging from both tertiary and community settings in the Ottawa and surrounding area and as far north as Nunavut!

  • Call frequency and workload is similar to other Canadian programs. Our residents are well supported by motivated and dedicated radiologists who strive on maintaining a friendly, collegial/relaxed atmosphere in the program

  • Flexibility required to meet demands of individual residents. We also promote and facilitate regional, national and international electives. This includes rural/community electives (not mandatory) as well as novel electives include physics, leadership, etc.

  • Robust preparation to ensure our residents are well-suited to sit the Royal College exam, with a very high success rate

  • Strong resident research program and support; residents regularly present at CAR, ARRS and RSNA and publish in high quality journals such as Radiology, AJR, European Radiology and the CARJ.

  • Pediatric radiology at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

  • Pre-emptively we have started preparing for the CBD curriculum, pending implementation 2022.

  • Mentoring program with a new focus on Women in Radiology and close relationship with the department chair


  • Conventional and electronic libraries of up-to-date resources

  • Program subscribes to several on-line resources including Stat-Dx, Radprimer and RadExam

  • Home of the “Annual Radiology Review Course”, now entering its 11th year, preparing residents for the RC exam

  • Home of the “Prep for Call Course”, ensuring PGY2 residents are ready to start call

  • Resident resource rooms at both main campuses

  • Funding for conferences, AIRP, wellness initiatives and more!

Highlight: Simulation

We have a comprehensive simulation curriculum which includes procedural training at the Simulation Center that is integrated with resident Clinical Procedural Education. Simulation workshops include: Call Preparation, Oral Exam Skills, Communication Skills, Crisis Management (collaboration with Anaesthesia), Musculoskeletal, Neuroradiology, Breast, Chest and Abdominal technical skills. This program continues to grow and evolve every year. The University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Center is one of the largest and best equipped in the country.


Living in Ottawa is a thrill! The Nation's Capital city is large enough to provide big-city services, but not too big to be overwhelming. Housing and cost of living is more affordable than in larger or similar sized cities and walking, biking or running to work is entirely feasible. Nature trails and parks abound, rivers and lakes are plentiful, and skiing is only fifteen minutes away. What a great place to spend a residency because studying is not all there is to it. You must also live through it! For more information and great photos, please visit Ottawa Tourism and City of Ottawa.

We are very proud of our residency program and hope you will consider applying. Come and be part of it!


How can I get more information about the program?

Check out and follow our social media profiles. Contact us through the Program Administrator. Depending on your questions, we can connect you with the appropriate people to answer your questions!

Will you be holding a meet and great?

Yes! In October 2020, we held a virtual meet and great organized through the Canadian Association of Radiologists. In the new year, make sure to follow our social media as we will be holding another session for those interested in mid-January 2021.

When will I hear from the program about an interview?

All applications are reviewed by the Resident Training Committee. Once the selections for interview have been made, invitations will be sent out via email. Please do not call unless there is an urgent issue, as this is a busy time for us.

Will I be notified if I do not receive an interview?

Yes, you will be notified in a timely fashion. The Program Administrator and selection committee take the selection process very seriously and will do their best to communicate the outcomes in a timely manner.