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Dr. Edward Seale


Postgraduate Program Manager

Kim Rozon

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Match your passion at the University of Ottawa

  • The University of Ottawa, Department of Family Medicine Community stream refers to community teaching practices sites; we offer placements in 25 community practice sites located in the city of Ottawa area.

  • Learners are clinically based in one of community teaching sites and are academically to a community practice for all core educational activities.

  • In this stream, we offer a variety of training opportunities as well as modified rural streams (with Family Medicine core rotations done in a rural setting, and specialty rotations done in the city of Ottawa).

  • While French is not a requirement, there is ample opportunity for residents to acquire and develop their French language skills.

  • Resident participation is vital to the integrity and growth of our program. Residents participate in all committees in the educational program and play a substantial role in shaping the academic direction of the program.

  • All community sites are affiliated with one of the hospitals located in Ottawa (General or Civic) and offer a variety of specialty and hospital-based Family Medicine opportunities.

  • The residency program offers a wide range of flexibility within individual training schedules to allow residents to further their own specific learning goals and needs, in order to maximize the attainment of baseline competencies, as well as enhanced opportunities in obstetrics, palliative care, sports medicine, women’s health, inner city medicine, etc.

  • All community-based residents have a rural rotation in each of their years of residency. The balance of the urban and rural skills allows our residents to become well-rounded, clinically competent family physicians.

  • Global health opportunities are highly supported by a strong team of family physicians. Residents have an opportunity to travel to Benin or Iqualuit.

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Applications may be submitted in either English or French. If you are applying to more than one stream you may submit only ONE PERSONAL LETTER with a statement identifying which other streams you are applying to and the reasons. Reference letters will be accepted in both languages. Please note that all selected candidates must master the English language (oral and written).

Communication Preference

Our preferred manner of communicating with all applicants is via email.

Internal Match

Applicants will be accepted into the residency program according to the norms of CaRMS. As soon as the match results are announced, we will be contacting successful candidates to complete an internal match of residents to the Family Medicine Centres and community practices; the new residents will be asked to rank their preferences of assignment in order. Historically, most residents (more than 80%) get matched to one of their top three choices; we do reserve the right to determine placement according to the capacity of individual training sites.

Please note that in our program it is important that residents have an independent means of transportation to get from their Family Medicine placement to their rotation training sites and to rural practices; public transportation may not be sufficient.

Enhanced Skills training/PGY 3 opportunities

Our program offers a number of training opportunities beyond the 2 years of residency. We offer PGY-3 training in Emergency Medicine leading to a certificate of special competence issued by the College of Family Physicians of Canada as well as Palliative Medicine training and Enhanced Skills training in care of the elderly, anaesthesia, women's health, sport medicine, mental health, paediatrics and maternal health care. We also welcome proposals for self-directed Enhanced Skills training.

Websites of Interest

Médecine familiale / Family Medicine

Marketing CaRMS video

PGME Promotion video


If I apply to several streams within the Family Medicine Ottawa programs will I be expected to have more than one interview?

No, only one interview will be conducted and your overall application and interview score will be applied to the other streams.

If I apply to more than one program do I need to write a different Personal Letter?

No, we highly suggest to indicate your interest in more than one program within your letter and state the reasons. If you are applying to the francophone program, you should write certain paragraphs in English and in French.

Can a reference letter be in French?

Yes, your reference letters may be in English or French.