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Program Director

Dr. Constance Ling


Associate Program Director, PGME Ob/Gyn

Dr. Adam Garber

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The obstetrics and gynecology residency program offers an excellent clinical and surgical experience in all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology with all subspecialties being represented. There is a significant volume and breadth of clinical cases. In addition, there are strong basic science research groups in maternal fetal medicine , reproductive endocrinology, and gynecologic oncology.

Our Academic Half Day program is a comprehensive program comprised of lectures encompassing the Royal College Objectives of Training for Ob/Gyne and SOGC guidelines, Wellness Topics, Minimally invasive Surgery Simulation, Simulation Labs and Anatomy Labs. These sessions have been highly evaluated and praised by our residents.

Another very strong and recently revised component of our program is Journal Club. This is structured to occur as part of our Academic Half Day. We have strong Epidemiology Faculty leadership and engagement and we use a Flipped Classroom active learning framework to present papers and to teach and learn about important methodology and critical appraisal skills. We incorporate several active learning strategies as part of journal club, including debate and learn-pair-share activities. This event is attended by faculty and residents.

Resident research is a strong component of our program with extensive publications arising from collaborative projects led by our residents and supported by nationally and internationally recognized Faculty in our Department. In addition to clinical research, residents can choose to join a strong and growing collaborative of educators with a focus in simulation, team training, patient quality and safety, and the learning environment. We strive to harness the academic strengths and passions of the individual resident by helping them to network within the department so that they are supported by an expert team. At an annual event, informally known as, “research speed-dating", we assemble all of our residents and research mentors in one space and explore common interests in research. An annual Resident Research Day is held off-site for residents and faculty that showcases our residents’ scholarly work.

Our program also includes an elaborate simulation program for both technical and non-technical skills, dedicated teaching faculty members, and a passionate program director.

Wellness is a key value and our program holds a wellness retreat, program development retreat , mentorship events, career planning nights , and other wellness activities along with social events throughout the year.

We have the BEST (and kindest) academic manager/program coordinator in the country. Trainees from the University of Ottawa will emerge from residency as competent consultant generalist Ob/Gyns, ready to practice anywhere they want, or ready to seek subspecialty training in the field of their choice.

Uniqueness of the Program

  • Introduction of Foundations Rotation for PGY1 trainees in Block 1 including Boot camp, Workshops , Orientations to transition into discipline and familiarization of ObGyn Residency at TOH and Montfort;

  • Surgical Foundation requirements as per RCPSC;

  • Implementation of Female Urology one block rotation in PGY1;

  • Implementation of a Family Planning selective rotation;

  • Training in Pediatric Gynecology;

  • Selective and Elective rotation choices in PGY4-5 tailored to resident needs and career planning;

  • Community rotations to heighten exposure to office-base and community-based ObGyn (distributive model of learning);

  • Ambulatory clinical training opportunities starting early in junior residency;

  • Longitudinal Ambulatory Rotation for PGY5 residents to assist with transition to practice;

  • Opportunity for Chief Resident experience on Baffin Island for one week during residency (maximum of 3-4 trainees per year);

  • Opportunity for international global health elective;

  • High-fidelity and low-fidelity simulation sessions in obstetrics and gynecology including minimally invasive surgery, urogynecology, gyn-oncology, pediatric gynecology;

  • Extensively developed and administered oral and written examinations for all residents (2x/year);

  • Web-based evaluation systems — Elentra and One45;

  • Dedicated Research Program with core understanding of research methods and biostatistics through Epidemiology Sessions, Research Events;

  • Education Resource Centre/Methods Centre is available to all residents in the Dept of Ob/Gyn Residency Training Program;

  • Protected learning and research time;

  • Comprehensive Academic Half Day Program;

  • Formal training and evaluation in all of the intrinsic CanMeds roles, with particular strengths in Health Advocacy and Communication; Opportunity to participate in Health Advocacy projects;

  • Career development counseling and professional development to assist the resident both clinically and academically for the next part of their career;

  • Annual Resident Retreat bringing together all residents where current training rules and regulations are discussed and input for future direction/vision of the Program is sought;

  • Resident wellness is a strong component of our program where several activities (eg. evening group sessions, annual retreat, wellness day, social activities) are organized to highlight and value the hard work, long hours and stressful situations that can be encountered throughout residency training;

  • Established Mentorship Program — with Mentorship Events;

  • Annual Reception to welcome new trainees and congratulate graduating trainees;

  • Internet access in residents' call room;

  • Resident travel/conference fund;

  • Option to obtain some training experience in the French language at the Montfort Hospital. All subspecialty rotations are based at The Ottawa Hospital.

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All candidates must meet the Ontario criteria of eligibility.

Please note that this applies to the residency training program at the Montfort Hospital — a satellite site of the Obstetrics and Gynecology residency training program of the University of Ottawa

PGME Promotion video

  • Medical School Transcripts are the only transcripts required to include in your application.
  • The length of your personal letter can be one or two pages on a Word Document or one page on the CaRMs website.

  • The program accepts applications submitted in French. However, applicants must have working knowledge of verbal/written English.

  • Candidates will be contacted if an interview is granted.

  • If an interview is granted — the CaRMs social event will be held on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Location to be announced

  • Interviews assigned by December 20, 2019 — Via EMAIL.

  • You DO NOT need to have done an elective in Ottawa to be ranked highly or be offered an interview!

  • You DO NOT need to speak French to thrive in this program

  • Yes, you are more than welcome to do international electives, but you will organize these on your own and according to your own interests

  • Appreciation for the process of research is an important part of the residency program, but that does not mean it must be basic science or an elaborate randomized, controlled trial. There are supported research streams to do a literature review or a retrospective chart review that are less onerous but just as valuable.