University of Saskatchewan - Family Medicine - Moose Jaw


Program Director

Dr. Brian Geller


Program Administrative Assistant

Lisa Eisan

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  1. Full-service Family Medicine (office, hospital, Emergency, Obstetrics, Home Care and Long-term care) with a longitudinal program. At the end of the program the Resident is truly trained to practice in any setting and our graduates have gone on to practice in many different settings (including in a modified motor home in the middle of nowhere)

  2. Close one-on-one learning with engaged preceptors. You literally become an integral part of the clinic you are learning in

  3. A collegial and diverse community of physicians, including many specialists and FPs with special interests (Addictions, Geriatrics, Palliative Care, Aviation Medicine, Surgical Care, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, First Nations Medicine) working out of a state of the art new hospital

  4. A very safe, friendly, and welcoming community with great schools, housing, and recreational facilities. We are small enough for a small town feel and yet have many amenities of a large city. Cost of housing is very reasonable. Close to big city shopping, entertainment, and travel without big city crime or traffic

  5. Close to Regina and its airport for both big centre learning and personal opportunities. Several rotations are done in Regina as well as opportunity for electives

  6. Calls is in Emergency, therefore much Emergency training and building confidence

  7. Good work/life balance with less service component to work than in many larger programs

  8. Our residents are usually the only residents on a service and get first chance at learning opportunities. They also have ample opportunity to teach junior learners, many of whom come from to Moose Jaw for rotations

  9. Close to the Canadian Forces Base Moose Jaw, with possibilities for aviation medicine studies

  10. A small program where you form close relationships with your colleagues, preceptors, hospital/clinic staff, and community. You are valued and your voice is heard

  11. Great opportunity to get very good at procedural medicine

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Our mission is to create, teach, and develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes specific to the discipline of Family Medicine. We will work to optimize health by demonstrating excellence and innovation in service, education, and scholarly activity. We will provide university, hospital, and community-based education consistent with the principles of Family Medicine. We will focus our efforts on working with communities in response to their health needs.

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Interviews will be held March 12-14, 2021

  • Residents are provided 20 vacation days per year

  • NRP is provided by the program

  • There is ample opportunity to teach medical students

  • Very competitive resident salaries

  • CMPA insurance is paid by the University of Saskatchewan

  • Annual Resident Retreat


Each resident is required to complete a scholarly project during the two-year residency. Residents are supported by faculty and staff of the Research Division to complete this work. The project must be presented by residents at the annual Resident Scholarship Day and a manuscript must be submitted. All residents are required to complete scholarly academic modules and will have protected time to complete these activities.

Quality improvement and reflection on one’s own practice are important components of the practice of Family Medicine and there is increasing emphasis on this activity. All residents are required to participate in a practice assessment, as set out by their training site.


Planning for academic sessions is coordinated across all sites of the program. An Evidence Based Medicine course and a Scholarship Skills course are mandatory for the first year. Physician Management courses and ethics courses are provided. Written and Simulated Office Oral Exam preparation is provided.