Western University - Cardiac Surgery - London


Program Director

Dr. Lee Myers


Program Assistant

Mitch Campbell

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The Division of Cardiac Surgery at Western is comprised of seven faculty members who perform an annual total of 1400 adult cardiac surgical procedures at the University Hospital, as well as innovative clinical research.

Our division is a national leader in mitral valve repair surgery, aortic surgery, transplantation, and minimally invasive/robotic cardiac surgery.

The Division of Cardiac Surgery is active in collaborative research and members are very productive academically via peer-reviewed research grants, presentations at national and international meetings and the publication of full-length papers in leading journals. Members of our division conduct pre-clinical research in CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics), within the Lindros Legacy Pavilion at the University Hospital.

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The program aims to train the next generation of outstanding Cardiac Surgery specialists who are highly competent in the complete range of the specialty, with a strong emphasis on the acquisition of excellent surgical skills. Graduates of the program will be experts in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease and will provide patient care of the highest standards. The program provides in-depth exposure to the full spectrum of adult cardiac surgical disease, including transplantation. The program also instills an appreciation for primary research, cultivates a lifelong desire for ongoing education and self-improvement, and provides the mentorship to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in this field.

PGY-1 and PGY-2

The first two core years of the program include exposure to a broad range of clinical experience in cardiac, general, thoracic, and vascular surgery; cardiology, including echocardiography and cath lab; and emergency medicine and anesthesia. Rotations are also tailored to the needs of the individual trainee and the requirements for the Principles of Surgery examination.

PGY-3 through PGY-6

The third year is an academic enrichment year, where residents can pursue academic, research, or clinical interests related to a specific area of cardiac surgery of their choosing. Residents are generally welcome to use this time to develop expertise in an emerging sub-specialty field, such as transplantation or minimally invasive surgery.

The fourth year generally consists of 12 months of senior non-cardiac surgery rotations including vascular and thoracic surgery.

The fifth year consists of 6 months as a senior resident in adult cardiac surgery and 6 months of pediatric cardiac surgery at Montreal Children’s Hospital in Montreal (McGill University.)

The final year is undertaken as a chief resident in adult cardiac surgery.


There are no mandatory research requirements. However, facilities for both clinical and laboratory research are available and trainees are actively encouraged to participate in the research program. Preparation of a Master’s thesis would be the norm for a trainee who wishes to pursue an academic career. Financial support through Divisional internal or external grants can be used to fund such research. Both basic science projects and clinically oriented research have formed the basis for resident research activity.


These comprise weekly cardiology, cardiac surgery, and cardiopulmonary transplant rounds and monthly mortality and morbidity rounds. During core years a didactic lecture series covering the topics of the POS examination is given weekly. Trainees are free of clinical responsibilities for these lectures and attendance is mandatory. In senior years of training, attendance at national and/or international specialty meetings is encouraged and financial assistance is provided.

Training Sites

Adult Cardiac Surgery rotations are performed at University Hospital in London, Ontario. Currently, 1400 adult surgical cases are operated on annually by a faculty consisting presently of seven attending surgeons.

Other rotations are at University Hospital and Victoria Hospital in London and the senior vascular surgery rotation is in Windsor.

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery rotations are in Montreal, although an agreement is also in place for this rotation to occur in Edmonton.

Electronic medical resources are available to the residents in a dedicated Residents' Office.

International and interprovincial electives are feasible, depending on the interest of the resident. They must be arranged well in advance through the Electives office at the University of Western Ontario.